Our Church

Heather and I both serve our Lord Jesus Christ to the best of our ability. We worship Him at Christ's Community in Price Hill on 931 McPherson at 10:30am. One of the criteria we wanted when we bought our house was to live so close to our church that it made more sense to walk than drive no matter how bad the weather. We are only a block away for our church.

Our chuch family has been a wonderful blessing to us and has helped us in times of need so many times I've lost count. I am very glad to have found such an amazing group of servants of the Lord.

Below are links to PDF files that contain some of the lessons I've taught Sunday mornings at church as well as audio recordings from that day whenever possible:

Self-Control - October 2006 text audio

Patience - November 2006 text audio

Ignoring Christmas - December 2006 text audio

When Good Promises Go Bad - January 14, 2007 text audio

Debt - February 11, 2007 (Note, text is incomplete rough draft and audio is missing the last half. Somehow that seems about right. It was just too big a topic)text audio

Money and the Future - February 25, 2007 text audio

A Sinful Woman - March 4, 2007 text audio

A Hurting Woman - March 25, 2007 text audio

Mother's Day - May 13, 2007 text audio

The Final Encounter - April 29, 2007 text audio

Grace Versus The Law - June 29, 2007 text audio

Trust in the Lord - September 15, 2007 text audio

Evangelism - September 29, 2007 text audio

Love Others Using God's Gifts - October 14, 2007 text audio

God's Will in Your Life - October 21, 2007 text audio

My Strength Comes From The Lord - November 11, 2007 text audio

Thanksgiving - November 25, 2007 text audio

The Start of Advent - December 3, 2007 text audio

How Do we know Jesus is the Messiah? Old Testament Prophecy - December 16, 2007 text audio

How Do we know Jesus is the Messiah? New Testament Account of His Birth - December 23, 2007 text audio

New Beginnings - December 30, 2007 text audio

How to Handle Differences in Belief in Christ - January 6, 2008 text audio

Prayer in Daily Life - January 27, 2008 text

Day to Day Belief in God - February 24, 2008 text

Apologizing - March 16, 2008 text

The Resurrection - March 23, 2008 text

Doubting Thomas - March 30, 2008 text

Rules for Holy Living - April 13, 2008 text

God as Father - May 4, 2008 text