Our Home

Our house covered in snowOur house was built in 1910. It's a 3 story brick building built in a typical German style. When we purchased it, it was being used as two seperate units. Now we use it as a single unit and I have been learning a great deal about house repair with a great deal of help from many friends. You can see more technical information about our house on the County Auditor's site. You'll need to do an address search for 922 Enright when you get there.

I have learned how to plaster walls, run electrical wiring, hang doors (although not well), paint, paint, did I mention paint? <grin> I've hung drywall, tore up carpet, tile, linoleum, and lots and lots of staples and nails.

It's a beautiful house that was built amazingly well. It's seen some rough years and certainly has some cosmetic issues but all in all it's a wonderful place to call home. Heather and I hope to get it to pass specs for getting foster children since that is something we've both wanted to do. We certainly have plenty of room for a big family and we look forward to filling it up.

In the mean time we use the space we have to give folks a place to stay from time to time as the Lord leads them to us.